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Step 3: Transition Plan

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At this point in the T2I Plan, your value-add is straightforward and clear, your materials and work space are ready, and your family and friends understand what’s happening next.
Now let’s get you some actual business! The Transition Plan guides your from your first forays into independent consulting through to a new career as a full-blown Independent.


  • A primed environment that generates leads for Independent work
  • Advice on how to transition away from your current employer on the best of terms
  • A set of small safe steps that will diminish the unknowns of Independence while still moving you forward—allowing you to continually assess your current state and tolerance for risk.
  • When you are ready, the termination of your current employment and the full start of a career as an Independent


  • Part 1: Prime the Pump: Content, Personal Connections, and Networking
  • Part 2: Moonlighting and Part-time Work: Rules, Options, and Building to Something Bigger
  • Part 3: When to Leave and How to Do It