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Step 2: Prep Plan: Prepare for Independence

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Once your DiCE Plan is in place, the Prep Plan helps you to visualize your new Independent life. (Hint: It is fundamentally different from traditional employment!) It’s hard to be successful in any endeavor if you don’t have the support of those closest to you, so we address this risk head-on with the Prep Plan.


  • A detailed definition of your new working environment, including…
  • Insights into the day-to-day living of Independence, including the setup of your home office
  • A shared set of expectations with friends and family: for work and life
  • A plan for the other services you’ll need to thrive as an Independent
  • A first draft of marketing materials that will evolve in later steps 


  • Part 1: Prepare Yourself: Financially and Mentally
  • Part 2: Prepare Your Family and Friends: Set expectations, gain buy-in, and define your shared vision of Independence
  • Part 3: Prepare Your Organization: A responsibilities plan for you, plus must-have services for Independents
  • Part 4: Prepare Your Brand: Refine your brand and apply it to marketing and business materials
  • Part 5: Prep Your Workspace: Working At Home, On The Road, and in The Coffee Shop